If you are planning an extended stay in a foreign country, especially one outside of the Americas, you should know that the electricity works differently. You might want to bring some things with you that need to be plugged in to be used. But countries like Russia, Israel, and Laos use higher voltages than the United States. North America, Central America, and most of South America use 110v. But Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia use 220v. Your electronics will not work properly if you travel there. In fact, if you attempt to use your appliances there, you could cause a fire and permanently damage your possessions. But instead of buying foreign appliances, you can just buy a voltage converter . The voltage converter should have a wattage that is 25% higher than your appliance’s voltage rating to ensure the voltage converter doesn’t burn out. If you can’t find the wattage rating on your appliance, multiply the device’s amps by its voltage.
If you find that some of your appliances have a voltage rating of 110v-220v, it means that it is dual-voltage. This means that it can be plugged into a foreign outlet safely, and without a voltage converter . If there is only a voltage rating of 110v, then it is only single-volt and you need a voltage converter for it.
After you have a voltage converter , you should find out what kind of plugs your destination country uses. Even if you have a voltage converter , you won’t be able to use your electronic devices in foreign countries if you don’t have a plug adapter. Your plug will not fit into the outlets you find. In a few places outside of North and South America, there are areas that use the plugs that you are used to. But you should always be prepared and have the necessary plug adapters.

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