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Find all kinds of Foreign International plug adapters, by Seven Star, WonPro, or Regvolt

    Why you need a universal power adapter and international plug adapter

    If you have heard terms such as voltage converter transformer and plug adapter before, you may have wondered what they were. Well, if you were to go to Europe, Asia, and places in Africa, it would be very important for you to purchase a voltage converter or transformer, and a plug adapter. You may not have realized it before, but electric outlets are not universal on their own, and because of this, your American appliances will not work in those outlets. Voltage converters, voltage transformers, and international plug adapters are tools that allow you to take your necessary American electronics with you overseas, and use them in countries such as Ireland, Portugal, France, and Hungary.

    This may sound confusing at first, but it’s ultimately quite simple to figure out:

    First it is necessary for you to find out if the appliances you are bringing to Europe with you are dual voltage or single voltage. To do this, find the voltage rating on the appliance which will describe the voltage rating in either one or two numbers. If there are two numbers, listed such as 110V-220V, then it is dual voltage and that particular electronic device will not need a converter. If it is one number, like 110V then it is single voltage, then you will need a 220 volt adapter, voltage converter, or transformer in order to operate this device in Europe. This is because Europe only uses 220V, while the United States, as well as many locations in Central and South America, uses 110V.

    After you find out that you need a voltage converter for an appliance, you must then obtain another number called the wattage rating. This can usually be found listed directly on your appliance. But if you cannot find it, you can deduce the wattage rating of a particular appliance by multiplying its voltage by its amp. Then, purchase a converter that is preferably equipped with a 25% higher wattage rating. This will ensure a long lifespan for your converter.

    Be sure to also purchase international plug adapters or a universal power adapter. All plugs in Europe are shaped differently from the ones in the United States. Lookout for the 3pin European to USA adapter.

    Difference between Voltage Converters and Plug Adapter

    So you are traveling abroad and keep hearing these terms jumping around like voltage converter, transformer, plug adapter, and 220v to 110v adapter. Everyone tells you that you need them in order to use your electronics overseas. Sure, they may know what they are talking about, but you’re as confused as ever! But you do not need to embarrass yourself by asking your friends what those things are because everything you need to know is right here!

    First things first, why exactly do we need a plug adapter and voltage converter or transformer? Well, some countries such as the USA use 110V while other countries such as Germany, France, and Russia in Europe use 220V—so Americans will likely have to pick up a 220V adapter plug.

    Unless you have a dual voltage appliance, you will most likely need a voltage converter or transformer in order to change the voltage to suit your electronic device. To choose the right converter or transformer, just multiply the voltage by the watt rating of your device. It is recommended that you choose a converter or transformer with a 25% higher watt rating so that your device won’t get burnt out.

    Now for the plug adapter: you will always need one when traveling to somewhere like Russia or Romania because the outlets there are usually different from the ones in the US. Outlets from different countries can vary in shape, size, and even number of prongs! You will need to make sure that you find the right plug adapter to fit in those crazy outlets! You can simply research and look up pictures of what countries use or even buy all the different types of plug adapters so that you’ll be extra prepared for the future.

    As you can see, the voltage converter/transformer and plug adapter are completely different in what they function as. However, it is very important for one to understand these terms when traveling overseas. If you want to find the adapter, plug, converter, and transformer that are right for you, look no further than 110220Volts. Good luck on your journey!