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Region code free DVD players are capable of playing all region code 1-6 DVD discs and PAL – NTSC. Some code free DVD players are 110-220 volts 50/60 HZ for worldwide use.

About Region Free Blu Ray & DVD Players

So now maybe we’ve convinced you that code free DVD and region free Blu ray machines are the way to go, but how do you decided which one to choose? Well, at 110220Volts, we’re here to help you with that too.

DVD vs. Blu ray
What’s all the hype with Blu ray anyway? You’ve probably heard plenty about HD, 1080p, 2K and all of that other convoluted “crystal clear” latest-technology everybody wants you to have—but the question is, how is it actually getting clearer?

Picture can be measured in both resolution and contrast ratio, essentially meaning how many pixels or put into the image, and then how white are the whites and how black are the blacks. It may be hard to notice for many, but a 720p “HD” picture, will have a much lower contrast ratio than 1080p (also called 2K), and even less-so than UltraHD known as 4K—which as of yet, no player or common television actually supports. As you get higher in definition, you get more information that makes up the image, which means more details are visible, and blacks are deeper and sharper.

A Blu ray player was designed to support 2K DVDs, which they call Blu ray disks. This means that if you have a television capable of projecting that kind of information, your Blu Ray player will deliver that top picture quality. A Blu ray player projecting a regular DVD will not enhance the image. So consider the type of movies that you will be buying, and the type of television that you own (though most HDTVs currently being made will project Blu ray quality), not simply the region or type of player.

So if you care about that sharp contrast, and crave that smooth HD image, we would recommend region free Blu ray DVD players, but if you’re less concerned, and really feel that you cannot notice a difference—you’re simply looking to save the most you can—then go with a standard all region code free DVD player.

Blu ray zones

Get the Best No Matter What

Now going back to regions and region free dvd players—PAL, SECAM and NTSC, does it matter? Again, because these machines are region free, there really isn’t a “best” player for each different region. Instead, we offer Blu ray players region free and all region dvd players so that you’re getting the best quality wherever you are. Region free Blu ray DVD player means you’re equipped for the best no matter what!

At 110220Volts, our commitment is to provide our customers all over the world with the best there is to offer in quality, price, and satisfaction. Film is a special art that has bonded family, friends, and even enemies over the common ground of visual entertainment. Countries all over the world have tried their best to contribute to this beautiful medium with their own unique touch—and we want you to experience all of it.

Whatever you decide in terms of picture quality and price, we’ll help give you the options you want. Don’t hesitate: shop 110220Volts today, and get the region code free DVD player or region free Blu ray player that’s right for you!

Broadcast Television Regions
There are six (6) television broadcasting regions for which the digital video disc (DVD) was developed.


The world’s television regions are:

Region 1 – USA and Canada

Region 2 – Europe, Japan, the MiddleEast, North Africa, Egypt, and South Africa

Region 3 – Taiwan, The Philippines,Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong

Region 4 – Mexico, Central America,South America, Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, and the Caribbean

Region 5 – Russia, Eastern Europe,India, North Korea, and East and West Africa

Region 6 – China.

World Television Systems and Voltage Guide

PAL (Phase Alternation Line) offers 625 lines per second to produce a very detailed image on a wider luminescence (color signal) bandwidth. The PAL system has been adopted by almost all of the world’s countries using the 50 hz (cycles) voltage.

NTSC (National Television Standard Committee), the American broadcast frequency, offers 525 lines per second to produce an image with a faster frame rate, which reduces visible flickering and picture noise.

DVD regions

110220Volts – Code Free DVD Players (Region Free)

So what is a Blu Ray Region Code Free DVD player which is region free? Well most DVD players that you buy have specific region codes on it which are only compatible for DVD available in that region. Means if you purchase a DVD from another country, the likelihood is that they will not work. However, with a code free DVD player, which is region free, you have one less problem to worry about.

110220Volts offers a variety of brand named DVD players, which are all region free. They range from Pioneer, Sharp, LG, Sony, Toshiba, Philips and the list goes on.

The popular among customers at the Pioneer and Toshiba DVD players!

The Pioneer and Toshiba multi system DVD player is seen as one of the best looking and most practical code free DVD player (region free) which is available in the market. Its unique slim design and it has a built in Video Converter. Which means it will play any DVD from any country on any TV.

They offer playback of all types of DVD, DVD-R/W, SVCD, MP3, JPEG and many more. Its latest laser reading technology makes it possible for any DVD to be read in under less than one second. Where it achieves its key edge is its ability to compress files via Divx software without compromising on the quality of picture and sound.

What makes 110220Volts the best option to purchase a code free DVD player?

Well seeing that 110220Volts is marketed as the best overseas electronics buying option for appliances; the PAL/ NTSC Video converters offer unique selection which is ideal tool that can suit any individual around the world. They are also known for offering the most competitive price available in the market, even better than the actual dealers’ price.