A lot of people who are not experienced about traveling make mistakes when they travel. If you want to travel to Antilles , Cambodia, Indonesia, or any other country in another continent, don’t make the mistake of assuming the electrical outlets are the same, because they aren’t. In addition, the electrical current is also different. In the United States, and most of South America too, 110v is used. In Europe, most of Asia, Africa, and Australia , the current is 220v. Why should you care about this? Well, the current can damage your appliances if you attempt to plug them into a 220v outlet. That won’t happen if you buy dual-voltage appliances, however. Before you travel, find out if your appliances are dual-voltage by finding the voltage rating on them. A rating of 110v-220v indicates dual-voltage. A voltage converter is not needed for these items. Devices with lithium or rechargeable batteries are often dual-voltage. Some appliances only list 110v. A voltage converter is needed for these ones.
Find the wattage rating on the single-volt appliances you are packing. It will be printed on the appliance itself, but if not, you can calculate it by multiplying amp by voltage. From the wattage, you should buy a voltage converter that has a wattage that is 25% higher than that of the appliance. This will extend the life of the voltage converter .
Plug adapters are also essential when traveling to Antilles , because very few areas in Asia have outlets designed for American plugs. Some parts of China, Indonesia, and Korea use American style plugs, but you should always buy plug adapters just in case you do not find any. China uses many different types of plugs, so be sure to be prepared if you are traveling there.

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