Afghanistan uses different plugs than the United States and the Americas. The ones that you are probably used to seeing have two flat prongs. Afghanistan uses plugs that have three cylindrical prongs. If you are planning a trip to Afghanistan , and want to bring some of your electronics with you, you will have to buy a plug adapter. Your plugs won’t fit into the outlets otherwise. But Afghanistan isn’t the only country that has plugs that are different from the United States’. Most other countries outside of North and South America use different plug types. But there are more than just two different types of plugs, there are six, and in some countries, like Azores, more than just one type is used. Before taking electronics with you to foreign countries, make sure you have the right plug adapters with you.
It is also a good idea to bring dual-voltage appliances with you. This is because countries outside of North America and South America use 220v, which will damage your single-volt electronics and even start a fire if you plug it in. If your appliances list 110v as their voltage, they are single-volt and you will need a voltage converter for them. If their voltage is listed as 110v-220v, they are dual-voltage, and you don’t need a voltage converter for them.
If you find that you’re going to need a voltage converter , the next thing you need to do is calculate the wattage of the appliance you are bringing, by multiplying the amp by the voltage. But the wattage may also be listed on your item. After you find the wattage, it is a good idea to buy a voltage converter with a wattage 25% higher than the appliance. Then you can easily attach the voltage converter to your appliance, and use it safely during your trip.

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