voltage converter is a device that is used to regulate the voltage coming out of electrical outlets. Why would you need to own something like this?
Well, if you are traveling to a foreign country, like Angola , Pakistan, or Hungary, you should know that the electrical voltage in those places is different than the voltage in North America and most of South America. In fact, there are very few places besides the Americas that use 110v. So if you are going to another continent, like Australia , Africa, or Asia with some of your electrical devices, chances are that you will need a voltage converter . Without one, your appliances will not work. In fact, they may even get damaged or ruined without one. Luckily, there is only one other voltage used besides 110v. It is 220v, and the only thing you have to figure out now is what wattage to purchase.
Find the wattage on the appliance you are traveling with. You can find it somewhere on the appliance itself, or you can simply multiply the amp by the voltage. Now, when you buy a voltage converter for it, it should have a wattage that is at least 25% higher than the appliance.
But there is a chance that you might not need a voltage converter at all. If an appliance lists 110v-220v as its voltage, this means that it is dual-voltage, and no voltage converter is needed. You can plug it into an outlet in Africa or Europe without risk.
Even if you don’t need a voltage converter , you will probably need a plug adapter. Like voltage, the plugs outside of the Americas are different. But there are six different types of international plugs. You need to be sure to buy the correct adapter before you travel to Angola .

Angola plug adapter
Angola voltage converter