Traveling is fun, but it can also be confusing. People often make the mistake of traveling to American Samoa with their electronics, but without voltage converter s or plug adapters. The result is that they arrive at American Samoa , only to find that they cannot plug in any of their electronics! The outlets are shaped differently! And if an attempt is made, a dangerous situation arises, because the voltage in other countries is also different! Plugging a North American or most South American appliances into outlets in other continents, such as Europe, Africa, and most of Asia, or even American Samoa , can cause fires or explosions, and will ruin the appliance.
In order to avoid making this dangerous mistake, you should buy dual-voltage appliances. These devices can be plugged into both 110v outlets, which are used in Canada, Venezuela, and some areas in China, and 220v outlets, which can be found in countries like Uganda, Greece, and American Samoa . You can find out if your appliances are dual-voltage by finding the voltage listed directly on the device. It will list 110v-220v as its voltage.
However, you may already own appliances that are only single-volt, and may not want to buy new dual-voltage ones. In this case, you can buy a voltage converter . It can attach to your single-volt electronics so that you can safely plug it into a foreign wall outlet. When choosing one of these, it is best to find one that has a wattage at least 25% higher than the device you intend to use it with. This will ensure that you get maximum usage from the voltage converter .
Recall that the outlets in different countries are also shaped differently. There is a remedy for this as well. Plug adapters are simple devices that allow your North American plugs to fit into foreign outlets. But be careful when buying these, because unlike voltage, there are not only two types of outlets, but six.

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