Europe is an exciting place. If you are planning a trip there, you may become stressed when trying to figure out what kind of voltage converter or transformer to bring with you. You will need a voltage converter or transformer when you go to Europe in order to operate all the electric appliances you have chosen to bring along. But figuring out what kind of converter or transformer to bring is actually quite simple.

First of all, you may not even need one. Your electronic devices might be dual-voltage appliances, which mean they will function in Europe without a converter. To find out if you need one, site the voltage rating, which should be written on your appliance. If you locate it, and it says 110V or 120V, you will need to purchase a voltage converter or transformer, because it is only single-volt. However, if your appliance lists 110V-220V, then it will function in Europe without a conversion device. Most re-chargeable items like laptop computers and digital cameras are dual-volt. Some hair driers may also be dual-volt.

But if you find that some of your items are single-volt and you need a converter, you then must find out the wattage of those items. In order to do this, either determine it by multiplying the device’s amp by its voltage, or simply look for a printed indication. After you have this number, purchase a voltage converter that is at least 25% higher in wattage than your appliance. This will ensure your converter will not burn out after prolonged use.

Voltage converters differ from voltage transformers in that converters are smaller, and more travel-friendly than transformers. They are used for most of the electronics that you are likely to bring on your trip. Transformers last longer, but you must unplug them when not in use so as not to wear them out.

And, of course, you must always be sure to bring a plug adapter with you, because in Europe the plugs are shaped differently. Then you are ready to go to Spain, Greece, Italy, or Hungary!