If you have seen plug adapters, but never traveled internationally, you might wonder why there are so many different types of plug adapters. This is because you’re probably used to seeing the type of plug that is used throughout North America, Central America, and most of South America. But outside of these areas, like Anguilla , it is actually rare to find a country that uses that same plug design. There are six different types of plugs that you can find around the world, so if you’re traveling to a place that doesn’t use United States plugs, such as Chile, Denmark, or Anguilla , it’s important that you find out what kind of plugs they use there. Chile, Denmark and Anguilla all use different plugs. Some countries, like Saudi Arabia, China, and Seychelles, use multiple different plug types. A plug adapter can attach to one of your electrical appliances so that you can plug it in. Without the adapter, your appliance simply will not fit into the foreign country’s outlets.
When traveling abroad you should also be sure to bring the right type of voltage converter . These are very important because if you plug a device into an outlet in England without a voltage converter , it could cause a fire, and the appliance probably will not work anymore. You should buy a voltage converter that lists a wattage that is 25% higher than your chosen appliance’s wattage. If you can’t find the wattage written on the device anywhere, you can multiply the voltage by the amp, and the resulting number will be the wattage.
There is an alternative to buying a voltage converter . You can simply buy dual-voltage electronics. However if you don’t already have these, it is cheaper to buy a voltage converter . To find out if you already have dual-voltage appliances, look for the 110v-220v listed on them.

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