Did you know that there are six different kinds of electrical plugs that are used worldwide? The plugs you are familiar with in North America are not used in many other countries; it is only one of six different types of electrical plug. A few other places, such as Venezuela, Panama, and Mexico, use the same type of plug, but if you’re planning a trip to Albania , you’ll need to buy the right plug adapter – this country uses a different type of plug! Therefore you cannot simply buy the first plug adapter you see, you must make sure to buy one that corresponds to wherever you’re traveling.
Not only that, but the amount of electricity that travels out of electrical outlets is also different in many places. The outlets in North America and most of Central and South America are 110v. The appliances you buy in these places are designed for 110v. The voltage is always printed somewhere on the device. Some electronics have 110v-220v printed on them, and this indicates that it is dual-voltage. This means that you can travel with this item to other countries that use 220v, countries such as Albania , Bosnia, and Zambia, and you won’t need to get a voltage converter for it.
But if your electronics are not dual voltage, you’ll need to attach a voltage converter to it, in order for it to work correctly in other countries. Attempting to use a foreign outlet without a voltage converter is dangerous, and will not only ruin the appliance, but may injure you as well. But similar to plug adapters, you shouldn’t buy the first one you see; you should buy one that has a wattage that is at least 25% higher than the device you intend to use it for.

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