Bali is one of over 17,000 islands that make up the southeast Asian country of Indonesia. But Bali operates differently from the rest of Indonesia in a few ways. If you are planning on visiting Indonesia and Bali , you may have bought some supplies to help you use your own electronics there. Indonesia uses both 110v and 220v voltage. Some areas use only 110v, and others only use 220v. This is why it is a good idea to bring voltage converter s with you to Indonesia. The United States uses 110v, so your electronics need a voltage converter to work properly in 220v.
Bali is one island in Indonesia that only uses 110v. Therefore you don’t need to use a voltage converter if you are only going to the island of Bali .
If you are planning to visit other islands however, and you are bringing rechargable electronics with you, like digital cameras, or laptop computers, check and see if they are dual-voltage. Many rechargable items are dual-voltage, and do not need voltage converter s. Dual-voltage appliances list 110v-220v as their voltage rating, on their indications panel.
Another difference the rest of Indonesia has with its island Bali is the electrical plugs. Indonesia uses two types of plugs. One of these types is the one you are used to, the American plug with two flat prongs and one round one. The other type is the European plug, the most common type of plug used around the world. It has three rounded prongs.
Bali uses only one type of plug, and it is not either of the plugs found in the rest of Indonesia. It is a plug with only two rounded prongs. Be sure to buy all the compatible plug adapters you need, and be sure to buy the correct one, because there are six different plug adapters available, making it easy to get confused.

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