Most countries within the South American continent have an electrical system just like that of the United States. They use 110v electrical current and use the same kind of electrical plug and outlet. But this is not the case in Argentina , as well as its bordering countries, Chile, Uruguay, and Paraguay. In Argentina , the voltage used is 220v. This is also the voltage used in most other continents outside of North America. The plugs are also shaped differently. This is what voltage converter s and plug adapters are designed to help American travelers with.
voltage converter s attach to electrical appliances you have brought with you on your trip to Argentina . They regulate the voltage coming from the electrical outlets you will find there. If you don’t use a voltage converter , it is very dangerous, because your appliances are not designed to handle 220v, and you could start a fire trying to plug one in. When buying a voltage converter , first check the wattage of the electrical device you are buying it for. If you cannot find it, multiply the amp by the voltage. With this wattage number, you can pick out a voltage converter that has a wattage that is 25% higher than the appliance’s.
If you find that some of your electronics list a voltage of 110v-220v, this means that you do not need a voltage converter for it. Many computer and camera items have this dual-voltage rating.
However, even if you are bringing dual-voltage electronics with you to Argentina , you will still need plug adapters. Without them, you will not be able to plug your devices in once you reach your destination. Make sure to buy the right plug adapters. There are six different shapes of plugs used worldwide, and in Argentina , you will find two of them. Be prepared and buy plug adapters that will fit both types of outlet.

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