So you are living in the USA and want to plan a trip to Europe. You want to go to Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, or even France. It must be very exciting to be in another country! You’ve even brought your electronics and devices to use while you’re there. And then you discover to your horror that the outlets look completely different. How in the world are you going to use any of your plug in devices now? No problem. All you need is a voltage converter and transformer.

If you’re in the USA, you are used to operating on outlets using 110 Volt / 60 Hz. This kind of outlet works for the voltage range of 100-125V and is used in all of North America, some parts of Central America and South America, and also some parts of the Pacific. However, Europe, which includes Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, and France, uses a different kind of outlet. Their outlets are not only diverse in terms of shape and size, but also voltage. They operate on 220 Volt / 50Hz with a range of 220-250V. With this vast difference in voltage, you can probably imagine the chaos that would occur if you plugged in your 110V device to that!

A voltage converter and transformer would convert the voltage from 220V to 110V or vice versa, allowing you to use your device from the USA in Europe. Some devices may not even require a voltage converter or transformer if they are dual voltage, meaning being able to operate with both 110V and 220V. But the outlets are still different! How am I supposed to plug in my device? You may ask. That is where a plug adapter comes in. A plug adapter would let you fit your device into the wall. After purchasing a voltage converter/transformer and a plug adapter, you’ll be all set!