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Power Strips - Universal international for foreign countries

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Power Strips & Surge Protectors with Universal Outlets

Reliance on technology today means that the average home or business has a lot of power cords that need electricity and are vulnerable to power surges. While surge protector power strips are routinely used in many areas of the home or office, like behind the television or under the computer desk, not every surge protector offers the same type of protection. One common mistake that people make is that they assume a simple power strip is actually a 220 volt surge protector.

Some retailers will list simple power strips right next to listings of actual surge protectors, so knowing that there are various types may be the difference between protecting devices from surges and simply having the luxury of a few extra outlet slots. Large power surges might only happen a few times a year, but that doesn't mean that their impact is any less devastating if important devices aren't protected by a surge protector 220v.

At 110220Volts, we are proud to offer a top-of-the-line selection of surge protectors to help keep your home and appliances safe.

There are a number of problems that may cause issues within a home's electrical system. Those problems include events like as a dip in voltage caused by the operation of a major appliance, general electromagnetic interference, or the classic power surge, which is the most damaging type of problem. Interestingly, power surges often only last a fraction of a second, yet their power is so intense that the event can kill any electronic device that's not protected by surge protector power strips.

Remember to purchase the right size surge protector and to avoid plugging multiple surge protectors or power strips together like a rope of electricity. It's possible to overload circuits by plugging in too many power strips, so if there are 6 devices, make sure to get a 6 outlet power strip surge protector instead of chaining a couple 3 outlet power strips. It might seem harmless to plug a power strip into a surge protector, but the surge protector could fail during a power emergency or surge.

For most of our customers, we recommend purchasing one of our universal 220 volts power strip surge protector, and a universal adapter for travel that will occur outside of the United States. A traveler from the United States who chooses to plug in his or her laptop into a common power outlet overseas will find that the device might overheat or fail due to the difference in electrical currents used in Europe and Asia from those in America.

Some destinations might provide adapters for use by visitors, but it's often not worth the risk, and therefore essential to consider brining a surge protector, in addition to any adapters used while overseas. An accidental surge is just as likely to happen domestically as it is internationally. Our universal power strips not only make it easy to use multiple devices where plugs might be scarce, but they also protect items like computers, smart phones, and digital cameras.

Using one of our universal or 220 volt surge protector is a necessary step to keep home devices, as well as work computers and machinery protected from a rare yet devastating power surge. A small "blip" in the power supply could render an important hard drive useless or kill a storage device on which vital documents have been stored. Protect your power today with a surge protector from 110220Volts!