European Schuko to Grounded 3 Pin USA Power Plug Adapter

European Schuko to Grounded 3 Pin USA Power Plug Adapter

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If you are coming to America for first time you will be surprise by many things, the smooth traffic, the super stock markets and the ?Fast Culture?. America has a drive thru for everything, for banks, restaurants, and even pharmacies. America is the place of liberty and opportunities, so travel around and enjoy.

To enjoy the great things America has to offer either because you move here or just visiting, is easier thanks to the USA Plug. It is a grounded European schuko to a grounded three pin standard USA plug. The schuko means that the plug and socket are ready with the grounding contacts which come in form of a clip instead of a pin. the USA plug is a type B consist of 3 pins 2 flat parallel and a round grounded one. Mainly used in North American countries, some South American countries and Japan.

Now your more sensitive items can be protected so you can enjoy more and discover how amazing is to be in America.

The Type B plug it’s identical to the type A plug but it contains a ground round pin addition

The ground pin, also called earth,it’s longer than the other pins, it’s used to ground more sensitive equipment as you plug into the power outlet.

Just like the type A, type B plugs contains the polarized feature which consists of one of the paralell pins being wider than the other.

In type B plugs the left pin it’s neutral and the right pin it’s live

Grounded European Shucko to Grounded 3 Pin USA

Power Outlet Plug Type:


Type B,Countries Using Type B Plug

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Dimensions3 × 7 × 2 in


    1. Power Outlet Plug:

Type B

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