Non-Grounded American or European to Grounded UK Power Plug Adapter

Non-Grounded American or European to Grounded UK Power Plug Adapter

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Going to the UK should be one of the best times of your life. Enjoy the view of stunning cities or relax in historic gardens, maybe even attend the worlds biggest art festival in Edinburgh. Whatever your plans are you should be ready and get a power plug adapter for all your non grounded travel items, such as cell phones, cameras or laptop.

Our SS405-Non-Grounded-UK is able to received American and European non ground plugs. It?s a type G plug with three large rectangular pins. Whether to use the grounded or ungrounded Plug Adapters depends on which appliances you’re using? Most travel items will not required a grounded adapter.

Now you won?t have to worry about how to charge your electronic devices. Just connect, plug and you are ready to explore.

  • Type G Plugs contain 3 rectangular pins arranged in a triangle Vertically positioned pin it’s designated as ground.
  • Type G plugs and plug adapters are rated for 13A/250V
  • Type G plugs were invented and stardized in UK after the 1940
  • Type G plugs are only comparable to type G outlets.
  • British Type Adapter Plug-3 Square Metal pins w/fuse protection

    Power Outlet Plug Type:


  • Type G,Countries Using Type G Plug

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Dimensions5 × 8 × 6 in