There are more than 350 primary airports in the United States, which means there are a myriad of possible routes for which you could fly from one destination to the next within the U.S. With that said, for all of the great airports, there are an equal number of awful one, and it doesn’t take more than a quick search online to find a host of horror stories that could scare anyone out of their next vacation.

From delays, to lost luggage, poor customer service, and even a simple lack of accommodations, Travel + Leisure recently evaluated which airports were America’s worst. For now, we’ve decided to take the three absolute worst airports in America (some of which are in major cities), and show you just how you can avoid them.

As a general rule, we always advise our customers who are planning to travel to research all of the local airports, as some smaller airports can be more convenient for time, and sometimes lesser-known airports can simply boast lower fares—and of course, if you’re traveling from outside the states, pack along something like a Simran voltage regulator to maintain use of all your important electronics. But even with the temptation of lower prices, we don’t think these are places you’ll soon want to fly into.

Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport (LIT) – Little Rock, AK

Even though it was named after a political power couple, this airport was T+L’s worst airport in 2013. It claims that there are delays above an hour, difficult check-in experiences, and a terrible selection of food. Clearly, if it got number one, it’s more than just an issue of McDonald’s versus Burger King.

Instead, try flying into Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA) in Fayetteville. It’s still close to Little Rock, and flies to fourteen major cities daily.

LaGuardia Airport (LGA) – New York City

This one, while a very popular airport to fly into, is the second worst airport in the country—though in previous years it has taken number one as well. It ranks high in customer dissatisfaction, poor infrastructure, and a terrible check in experience.

Ditch LGA and go with a President everyone loved: JFK. John F. Kennedy International Airport is your best bet when flying into the Big Apple—though, if you’re looking for a week away in the suburbs, White Plains (HPN) is a smaller airport outside the city towards Connecticut, and is a very small airport that you can quickly check in or out of.

Billings Logan International Airport (BIL) – Billings, MT

The worst way to kick off a trip to one of the most beautiful nature preserves in the country would probably involve the journey there. Well, if you’re headed to Yellowstone that seems to be how it is flying into Billings Logan.

Our advice? There are several smaller airports all around the area, including Ryegate and Red Lodge. Do some research on where in the park you want to spend the most time: Yellowstone is massive, and there are plenty of other spots to fly into that might give you a much better overall experience.

Wherever you fly next, always remember to research the airport you’re flying into. We promise it will absolutely transform the way you view your whole travel experience. Happy travels!