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Simran Voltage Converters & Regulators

Simran is a producer of quality voltage regulators, converters and transformers. These three types of voltage management technologies stabilize, maintain and alter voltage currents as needed in order for plugged devices to safely draw electricity. This is especially important when using a device and its charger component in a country which it wasn't intended for use, as not all countries use the same voltages and current types for outlets; some countries also have inconsistent or unstable electricity supplies which can short out unprotected equipment. Simran's technology is designed to 'filter' these voltages to avoid damage to your plugged-in electronics.

A simple and affordable Simran voltage regulator starts with the AR300, offering a maximum capacity of 300 watts and conversion between 220/240-volt foreign power and 110/120-volt US power as needed. This regulator comes with a durable transformer for extended usage, an analog voltmeter, auto-protection circuitry and a voltage stabilizer for unsteady electrical supplies. Three outlets on the regulator's front accept 2- or 3-prong US plugs or 2-prong European/Asian plugs for two-way reliability. Complete with a durable design, fuse protection and worldwide compatibility, this is a solid voltage regulator for travelers to or from anywhere. Higher capacity variants exist, offering up to 10,000 watts for industrial-grade power supply.

If you're looking for a solid voltage converter, look no further than the Simran SYM100. This is a 100-watt step-up and -down converter with a meter and is capable of use anywhere in the world. This means it includes the ability to convert between 220/240-volt and 110/120-volt outlets and the necessary plugs to accept US, European or Asian plugs; the insulated power cable utilizes a grounded European shucko plug to compliment this versatility. Like the AR300, this fuse-protected voltage converter is a compact (3" x 3" x 5") and durable metal-cased unit with a carrying handle to travel with. More powerful versions offer watt capacities of up to 3,000. For extreme loads, the THG-20,000 offers a staggering 20,000 watts for even the most demanding appliances.

Simran also offers the travel voltage converter, with most only capable of stepping up or down--that is, they're only suited for use in either the US and Canada or Europe and Asia, but not both. These are small, single-outlet, palm-sized converters plugged straight into the wall to provide quick, low-capacity and reliable conversions for persistent overseas travelers. These are relatively inexpensive counterparts to the traditional box unit converters, and can slip right into a pocket for on-the-go voltage conversion wherever one may be. Simran also offers a travel voltage regulator for similar applications, protecting small appliances like phones, cameras and computers from unstable currents. These miniature converters and regulators handle from 50 to 1650 watts, with some offering a high- or low-power toggle to alternate between the two.

Prospective and frequent travelers alike should look into investing in a regulator or converter to protect their small appliances when visiting other countries. Not all countries support similar voltages, outlet designs or quality of electrical current, which can lead an unsuspecting individual to accidentally fry their devices. Fortunately, wherever you're traveling to, Simran offers quality solutions for voltage protection and management.

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