Iceland is a fascinating island country. Located between the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean, it’s been exposed to their harsh winds and waves for millennia – not surprisingly, it’s the most sparsely populated country in all of Europe.

At the same time, wind and weather have created a country that’s fascinating at worst, and breathtakingly beautiful at best. A rough, volcano landscape reminds hikers of the sheer power of nature. The world-famous hot-springs, at the same time, invite those same travelers to relax and feel at home within that same nature. Frequent displays of Northern Lights across the sky make you feel small, while the island’s capital Reykjavik and its 120,000 inhabitants makes for one of the most personal and comforting capitals in all of Europe.

In short, Iceland is full of paradoxes, and that’s exactly what makes this country so fascinating. Adventurers and homebodies alike will find it to be the destination of a lifetime, a bucket-list item you hadn’t even considered.

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