The Republic of Ecuador is a country in South America and includes the Galapagos Islands.
Whether you are going there to experience the warm climate, the Galapagos Islands, or to visit family, you should know that some areas of Ecuador use electrical plugs that are shaped differently from the ones you are used to in the United States. You might be planning to bring some of your electronics to Ecuador, and since some places in Ecuador also use American plugs, you may not have prepared to bring plug adapters. You should be prepared in case you cannot find one of these American-style electrical outlets, however. Besides the plug you are used to, with two flat prongs and one cylindrical one, Ecuador also uses a very common type of plug found throughout most of Europe and Asia. It has three cylindrical prongs. Also another type of plug is used, so you will need two different plug adapters. If you come across outlets made for these types of plugs, you will not be able to plug your electronics into it unless you have a plug adapter. But be sure to buy the correct one, because there are six different types of electrical plugs used around the world, and likewise as many types of plug adapters.
Many places outside of North America also use a higher voltage current. 110v is the voltage used by North America and most of Central and South America. However, in most other continents, 220v is used. In countries where 220v is used, it is important to bring a voltage converter that has a 25% higher wattage rating than the appliance you are using it for. However, in Ecuador, the voltage used is 110v, just like the United States. So if you are going to Ecuador, all you need is a plug adapter, and you do not need a voltage converter.

Ecuador plug adapter
Ecuador voltage converter