Azerbajian is a country in Eurasia that uses 220v electrical current. If you are planning on having a vacation there, or even a business trip, this is important information. You might want to bring some of your electronics to Azerbajian . But did you know that since Azerbajian uses 220v electrical current, your electrical devices will not work there? The United States and most of Central and South America uses 110v current. All your electrical appliances are designed for this voltage. In fact, if you try to plug one of your devices into an outlet there, you could start a fire. There are two ways to use your electronics in foreign countries that use 220v. One is dual-volt electronics, and the other is voltage converter s.
You might already have some dual-volt appliances. They will list 110v-220v as their voltage. You do not need a voltage converter for these items. Laptop computers, digital cameras, and other items containing lithium or rechargeable batteries are often dual-volt. But if you only find a 110v voltage rating, you need a voltage converter , because it is single-volt. You should get a voltage converter that has a wattage 25% higher than the appliance. To find the wattage of your appliances, multiply the voltage by the amp. However it may also be indicated on the appliance itself.
After you’ve taken care of your voltage converter needs, make sure to have plug adapters. Your plugs won’t fit into the outlets in Azerbajian otherwise. Find out what kind of electrical plug is used in the country you’re traveling to. Most countries outside the United States use a plug with three cylindrical prongs. Some areas in China, most of South America and most of Central America uses the plug that you are used to, with two flat prongs. However, do not assume that the country you’re traveling to uses one of these two examples, because there are six different designs used in plugs around the world.

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