Flanked by Columbia and Ecuador, sits the Republic of Peru. Once the heart of ancient, Andean civilization, it is now a thriving tourist destination.  Generally tops on travelers’ lists are Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Lima, Mancora, Nazca Lines, the Amazon jungle and the Inca Trail. They’re rich in history, exotic flora, fauna and cultural heritage. However, people also come to Peru for the pisco, ceviche and sandboarding. For those that have never heard of it before, sandboarding is like surfing, only it takes place on sand. Travelers that want to give it a try should consider heading to Huacachina. It’s a real sandboarding hot spot. Plus, there are other adventures that await travelers in the charming, desert town.

There are a few things to keep in mind though in regards to travel plug adapters for Peru. The country’s electricity sector consists of private companies and public controlled ones, which limit access to power. Despite that, Peruvians consume more than 34 billion kWh of electricity each year. It is primarily generated by fossil fuels and hydroelectric plants. However, in 2014 the country’s officials embarked on an ambitious project to alter the country’s infrastructure and increase access to electricity through the use of a solar power system. The work is currently ongoing.

At this time, travelers to Peru will find three types of electrical outlets in use. They are Type A, B and C. Each one provides 60 Hz (220 Volts). As such, a Peru Travel Plug Adapter kit and a voltage converter are musts for anyone hoping to make it through the country with their electrical devices intact. It’s also a good idea to call ahead and confirm that the areas on one’s travel itinerary offer access to electricity. As we mentioned earlier, not all destinations are equipped with reliable power.

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