Brunei is a tiny country located on the Island of Borneo in Indonesia. In order to use electronics from the United States in most other countries, including Borneo, you need two things, a voltage converter and a plug adapter, unless you have dual-voltage electronics. Dual-voltage electronics will work in other countries that use 220v, without a voltage converter . Most countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia use 220v. North America, most of Central America, and much of South America uses 110v. Brunei is a country that borders India that uses 220v. The rest of Asia mostly uses 220v as well. If you are traveling to Brunei , be sure to bring either a voltage converter or dual-voltage appliances. If you try to use single-volt appliances in Brunei , you could cause a fire. But how do you know if your electronics are dual-volt or single-volt?
Look for the voltage rating directly on your appliance. If it says 110v, then it is a single-volt appliance. In this case, find the wattage by either looking on the appliance, or multiplying the voltage by the amp. Then, buy a voltage converter for this appliance that has a wattage at least 25% higher than the appliance. This helps the voltage converter to last longer.
But if you found a voltage rating on your appliance that listed 110v-220v, then it is dual-volt. You do not need a voltage converter for these appliances to function in Brunei and other countries that use 220v electrical current.
However, even if you are bringing dual-voltage electronics with you to Brunei , you still need a plug adapter, because Brunei uses a different type of plug than the United States. In fact, Brunei exclusively uses a type “G” plug, which is not commonly used throughout the world, so you need to be careful when buying your plug adapter, because it may be difficult to find a plug adapter for this type of rare plug, and if if you get the wrong one, it won’t work in Brunei . So be sure to buy the correct one.

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