Braun FX-3030 TributeCollection Food Processor 220 Volts

    • Product Type: Food processor


    • Colour: White/green


    • Bowl Capacity: 2 litres


    • Functionalities: Blender, juice extractor, slicer, grater, shredder, kneader, chopper, citrus press, beater


  • Additional Features: Pulse speed, cord storage, dishwasher safe removable parts, speed adjustment system, stainless steel discs, plastic bowl, 2-bowl system, DC motor, dual safety system


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Braun food processor FX-3030 Tribute is cutting, chopping, slicing etc. To buy such a device – is to buy the device, which included seven attachments. Thanks to the power of 600 watts food processor will quickly cope with their work.

Food processor this model is comfortable and practical, equipped with two bowls. They will always be ready to use together or, even if one bowl is in the dishwasher. The volume is 2 litres and 750 millilitres. At the same time you will be able to grind different ingredients in large and small volumes. The bowls are at the same height, it provides more convenience.

The device is equipped with a speed regulator for smooth switching, you can select one of fifteen speeds. There is an opportunity to set the indicator. FX-3030 works quiet enough, cooking is easy.


  • Citrus press: Yes
  • Dough tool: Yes
  • French fries disc: Yes
  • Juice extractor insert: Yes
  • Plastic chopper bowl: 750ml
  • Plastic universal bowl: 2 litre capacity – 1.5kg dough
  • Stainless steel grating insert: Yes
  • Stainless steel shredding insert: Yes
  • Stainless steel slicing insert: Yes
  • Whipping/blending tool: Yes
Weight22.0000 lbs



    AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz



    1. Citrus
    1. press: Yes Dough
    1. tool: Yes French
    1. fries disc:
    1. Yes Juice
    1. extractor insert:
    1. Yes Plastic
    1. chopper bowl:
    1. 750ml Plastic
    1. universal bowl: 2
    1. litre capacity –
    1. 1.5kg
    1. dough Stainless
    1. steel grating
    1. insert:
    1. Yes Stainless
    1. steel shredding
    1. insert:
    1. Yes Stainless
    1. steel slicing
    1. insert:
    1. Yes Whipping/blending
    1. tool:
    1. Yes

and size

    1. Pre-set
    1. speed function:
    1. Yes Pulse button:
    1. Yes


    1. Colour:
    1. White/green Powerful,
    1. silent DC motor:
    1. Yes Wattage:
    1. 600W


    1. Cord
    1. storage:
    1. Yes Dishwasher
    1. safe parts:
    1. Yes Dual safety
    1. system: Yes Energy
    1. efficient:
    1. Yes Unique 2-bowl
    system: Yes