Small Appliances 220 Volt 50 HZ

All small appliances are 220 volts 50 HZ for use overseas, as such will not work in the US or Canada. The appliances are sold for export use only.

Moving or Traveling overseas, need small appliances that are 220 volts 50hz?

If you’re thinking about traveling out of the US or Canada for an extended period of time, you’ve come to the right page. As you may know, those countries’ appliances operate at 110 volts, but for most of the rest of the world, 220 volt appliances are the standard. With the security regulations imposed on travel, skyrocketing prices on airfare, and overcrowding of public transportation, the last think you need is to weigh yourself down with bulky appliances—especially when you have another way to use them!

We truly live in the electronic golden age, and even since before that time, small appliances have been a trusted part of our lives—whether it was the sticks we made fire with to warm the cave, or the 220 volt space heater that wards off the winter heat in our homes today. They’re the sidekicks that have helped us fight our way through life, and we’re not ready to live without them no matter what place we’re living in.

It may seem silly to have to go about getting a new set of appliances, but with a voltage change this dramatic, you are simply saving the long-term life of your current appliances, while also saving yourself room and money as you pack. Moving overseas is a big change, and it doesn’t just affect your location, but there are also dramatic economic changes. With different places come different systems of currency, which means you get dinged on exchange rates. Most UK citizens will actually do a great portion of their retail shopping for the year when on vacation in New York because of the exchange rates.

With that in mind, we at 110220Volts have done our best to provide you with all of the affordable 220 volt small appliances that meet your basic—and even beyond—needs so that you can feel secure about your next adventure abroad, however long it may last. Instead of wasting all of your overhead space with superfluous equipment, trust us to ship it to you internationally so you’ll have what you need when you need it—and operating at the right amount of volts.

From hand blenders to meat grinders, waffle makers and space heaters, we’ve thought of everything you’ll need to help you get acclimated well with your destination. They say that the best way to get to know a new place is to shop locally, get to know the neighborhood markets, and run your own errands. With 220 volt appliances we have in stock, you’ll actually be able to make use of those errands, and support those freshest and best ingredients your new spot has to offer.

Don’t let your 110V appliances get misused. Instead, take advantage of the fantastic prices and selection that we can offer you on all the appliances you love from! We’ll give you everything you need to make the most out of your time outside the US and Canada. We encourage you to browse our selection now, and see why we can make your trip even better.