WonPro AST-P5 All IN ONE Universal Adapter Kit

WonPro AST-P5 All IN ONE Universal Adapter Kit (AST-P5 in IVORY)

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Electrical Rating: 10A, 110 to 250V, can be used in US, Europe, Asia, or any other country in the world

Blue nylon carrying pouch

Input: Universal socket, can take plugs from any country

Power Outlet Plug Type:

  • Type A,Countries Using Type A Plug
  • Type C,Countries Using Type C Plug
  • Type F,Countries Using Type F Plug
  • Type I,Countries Using Type I Plug
  • Type G,Countries Using Type G Plug
  • Output: 5 most popular plugs (see chart below)
    ST-5: US, Canada, Japan, China, Taiwan
    ST-7: UK, Hong Kong, Singapore
    ST-9: Germany, France, Indonesia, Korea
    ST-9C: EU, U.A.E., South America
    ST-16: Australia, New Zealand, China

    Patented safety protective gate unit


    Place your plug at 45º over the AST’s universal socket, then gently push it down and push forward toward the 90º position. The plug should go in smoothly.


    Push your plug at 90º straight down into the AST universal socket will require a lot more force. Depending on the angle, sometimes it is just not possible to push in. The”Child Safety Shutters” are our patented design to protect children from accidental electrical shock, not a manufacture defect.

Weight0.8000 lbs
Dimensions3 × 7 × 2 in


      1. Power Outlet Plug:

    Type A, C, F, I, and G