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Christmas season officially started after Thanksgiving day. Winter is already here, so what’s better than a getaway? Take your family or friends, make your research about your ideal destination, book your tickets and have fun!

Santa Claus Village And Santa Park, Napapiiri In Lapland, Finland

(image via www.visitrovaniemi.fi)


Many people from all over the world tour, every year, the two different Santa-themed attractions, Santa Claus Village and Santa Park. This amusement park in Rovaniemi, in the Lapland region of Finland, is full of fun for both kids and parents. The existing rides are awesome as well as Santa Claus’ office where you have the opportunity to meet him in person. But do not forget before your trip to take with you your finland-plug-adapter since in Finland there are flowing plug adapters.

New York City, N.Y.

(image via theotherspot.com)


In New York City , there are a lot attractions during Christmas. You know Christmas is just around the corner when the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is all lit up. The big tree is there since 1931 and is now boasting 45.000 LED lights. It’s definitely a must see. Don’t forget to see a classical Christmas music concert like “Brandenburg Concertos” and also, visit Taste of Home Gingerbread Boulevard houses, the proof that life-size gingerbread houses exist outside of fairytales.

Cologne, Germany

(image via thestar.ie)


Cologne is definitely a Christmas destination since it boasts eight(!) different Christmas markets. The atmosphere is unique and millions visitors from around the world spend their holidays there every year. The larger markets are situated in downtown but also the smaller ones have plenty to offer. Since Cologne is in Germany you will need voltage-converter considering that the United States and Canada operate on 110V to 120V electric current, whereas most countries in the world run on 220V, 230V and even as high as 240V.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

(image via www.thetravelmagazine.net)

Do you like ice skating or just walking around the Christmas markets? Whatever you are up to, this period in Amsterdam is truly a festive season. On Dam Square there is the biggest Christmas tree which is 20 meters and is definitely amazing. All the lights in the streets brighten up the cold and long nights of winter. Be careful when packing though and remember that in Netherlands we have the flowing plug adapters and if your items will work on 220-250 volts then one netherlands-plug-adapter is all you will need.