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You’re heading overseas, which means that your Apple devices are, too. Unfortunately, though, your trusty American plugs won’t work when you reach your far-off destination, so you need to plan ahead in order to keep your MacBook, iPad and iPhone charged and ready for the trip. Some devices require a convertor box in order to transform the voltage that an outlet delivers — outside of the U.S., it’s often somewhere between 220 and 240 volts — so that they only receive the 110 watts that they can handle. Is your MacBook, iPad, or iPhone one such device? The answer is yes it is so all you need is a plug adapter.


The MacBook was designed for users who live life on the go, so it’s no surprise that your laptop is ready to travel without much fuss. Unless your model is incredibly old, it probably has built-in dual voltage. This means that your MacBook will function on the United States’ 110-volt system, Europe’s 220-volt system, and Australia’s system, which can reach up to 240 volts. Furthermore, the entire world’s voltage ranks somewhere between this 110-240 range, so your computer is good to go without a convertor. Check the battery pack for verification of its voltage range.


The iPad’s charging system works much the same way as a MacBook. It can take voltage anywhere between the 110 and 240 range, too, which means you won’t need a convertor. It doesn’t matter what type of connector you have, either; simply get an adapter to change the shape of your iPad’s plug so that you can charge it at your final destination.


By now, you probably know Apple’s policy on voltage capabilities; the iPhone can handle all of the world’s voltage, too, so long as you have the proper adapter for your plug.

Both the iPhone and the iPad have more charging potential than the MacBook because their charging cables are USB cords. You’ll find that many seats on public transportation, as well as many airports and hotels, have USB charging docks built into seats. You could also ditch your Apple plugs at home for the duration of your trip and invest in a USB-charging device with the plug of the area to which you are traveling. This sort of gadget should be easily accessible no matter where you’re traveling, too, so no worries if you forget your plugs at home in the first place — your Apple electronics will be just fine no matter where you’re jetting off to.