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Are you a summer person? You hate the cold weather and you wish that you could live in a country that it is summer all year long? I totally agree with you. I am a summer person and even during Christmas I would like to spend my time at the beach.  So I decided to present you my top hot Christmas destinations.


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In Australia summer is just around the corner right before Christmas. The beaches get crowed and in some of them you could see a Santa Claus sitting just next to you. Even without cold or snow, people decorate their houses to feel the festive season. Christmas treed, Christmas carols and gifts remind you that it’s Christmas. Note: If you are traveling overseas, you will need a voltage-converter, considering that the United States and Canada operate on 110V to 120V electric current, whereas most countries in the world run on 220V, 230V and even as high as 240V.


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In Barbados, even in December the days are warm and sunny. The Christmas decorations are a must see, especially Bridgetown, the capital city, that is all lit up in red and green. Christmas concerts are held across the island, including “Christmas Jazz” and “Candles by Candlelight”, which are the most famous. Don’t forget to swim with the turtles, one of the most amazing activities in Barbados for the whole family.

New Zealand

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Like Australia, New Zealand welcomes summer and at the same time welcomes Christmas season. Christmas trees are everywhere in the island and Christmas parades take place from November until January in many towns. You will not play in the snow but you could have amazing tanning sessions. Note: Not all gadgets require a voltage converter, though you may be able to get by with just a simple new-zealand-plug-adapter. A plug adapter will allow you to use your device without the need to convert electricity, but the charger has to be rated at both voltages.


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Do you want to spend Christmas holidays in an exotic island? If yes, Fiji, the archipelago of more than 332 islands, is the ideal choice for you. The warm and sunny weather will welcome you during this festive season of the year. The decorations are not in the first place of Fijians habits since they prefer going to churches and spending the time with their families. However, Santa Claus is here to remind you of Christmas. Note: Don’t forget that electrical sockets  in Fiji Islands usually supply electricity at between 220 and 240 volts so you will need a voltage-converter if your appliances are from North America where  sockets supply electricity at between 110 and 120 volts.