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Moving to a whole new country can be one of those life-changing leaps that is both massive and scary, but it can also be one of the most incredible experiences you’ll ever have. Whether you’re moving abroad for a year or forever, these three benefits will help you to see the experience in a positive light.

You CAN Bring Your Smartphone (or Computer)

There’s a common misconception that moving overseas means selling everything you own (especially electronics) and replacing it upon arrival. This thought process comes from the fact that electrical outlets aren’t necessarily the same

Different countries may use higher or lower voltages, so you need to check this out and plan for it in advance of your trip if you want standard devices like smartphones, computers, or even a trusty coffee grinder to work.

The good news (and a definite perk) is that it’s easy to find the converter you need before you go. Just determine the voltage used at your destination and then purchase a power adapter like a 110v to 220v converter or a 220 to 110 converter. Once you arrive, plug the converter in, and then plug your device into the converter.

Voltage converters make it easy to take your expensive productivity and entertainment devices with you wherever you go. Use them and save money on the cost of replacement once you arrive.


One of the biggest pros (and sometimes a con) to moving abroad has to do with freedom. You’ll have the freedom to come and go as you please in your new country and to form the life you’ve always wanted to live.

For some people, that freedom is beneficial. For others, it can be slightly frightening or even confusing. Before you go, think about how you’ll survive and make decisions. How many of your choices in life have had to be made without a safety net? When you move, you’ll instantly make your decisions on your own. This freedom can feel pretty incredible, but, for some people, it’s a bit overwhelming.

Don’t forget that new technology makes it easier than ever to communicate with loved ones back home. Feeling homesick? Pop on FaceTime and have a chat. As you explore your new life, you’ll find yourself maturing and growing as a person, too.

Broadened Horizons

Moving to another country comes with so many learning opportunities. From local cultures to languages, this, alone, will broaden your horizons. No matter where you go, you’ll learn facts you would never learn just staying in your home country.

You’ll see how historical events are viewed by other countries, including that what might be common in your home country can be viewed as impolite or just plain odd in other countries. You may find yourself needing to learn what to avoid or even called out for simple greetings like waving or shaking hands. You might even come to learn that the life you lead in your home country is one that was totally sheltered.

All of that questioning serves an important purpose as you begin to question things that you once took for granted. This broadens your horizons and can make you more accepting, patient, and compassionate, too.

Memories for a Lifetime

Living abroad will provide you with the fodder for stories that you will be able to tell for a lifetime. These stories can also inspire you to be introspective and learn more about yourself in the process. You’ll gain experience in ways that may seem exaggerated to other people, but which will be all too real for you.

One of the best ways to remember everything is to record it. Carry a journal, take too many photos, and get involved not just in tourism, but in the local culture, too. Make friends with locals. Visit local restaurants. Remember all of the little details so that you will have amazing, picture-painting memories to mull over throughout your life.

At the end of the day, moving abroad is both tough and incredibly inspiring. From the rice fields of rural China to the Caribbean, each location has something to teach you about yourself and the world around you. Need voltage converters for your international trip? Contact http://www.110120volts.com today to learn more.