Voltage regulator and converters

A voltage regulator, also called surge protector, is an electrical device design to automatically maintain a constant voltage level. That will protect your equipment from things such as power spikes or power outages, once that in these occasions the electricity is disturbed, sometimes to high risk levels. Because voltage converters are used worldwide, some manufactures decided to make voltage converters with a voltage regulator built-in, which is a mandatory feature if you travel to countries such as developing countries or rural areas where the power supply is often unstable.

Our ATVR and AR series are reliable converters with a voltage regulator built-in. These voltage converters are made for continuous, heavy-duty use, and would be a great candidate for your needs if you are traveling to areas where voltage supply is not reliable. The AR and ATVR series are also Step up and Step Down converters, which makes these products a versatile, reliable choice to fulfill your needs of a voltage converter/ voltage regulator. For more information on these Voltage converters visit our Comparison Chart page, where you can compare these products to each other and other products available on our web site.