How would you like to visit the cradle of democracy? Greece is often disregarded among Americans when talking about the most beautiful spots in Europe, but its beautiful landscape and beaches, not to mention its rich history, make for a vacation you won’t soon forget.

Everything, of course, starts in Athens – one of the largest cities in Europe, a city that seemingly never sleeps. But what makes it unique is the Acropolis, an ancient temple complex watching over the city from a hilltop in the center of it. It also happens to be the most well-preserved temple complex in all of Greece, with millennia-old buildings overlooking the modern metropolis.

For those less fond of the city life, Olympia offers a great reprieve. This is where the first Olympic games were held in 776 BC, and many of the ruins – not to mention the ancient stadium – are still accessible. An attached museum delights sports and history fans alike.

Of course, Greece is more than just history. In fact, its islands – from Rhodes and Corfu all the way to Crete – are mediterranean jewels that invite sunbathers, scuba divers and all others simply looking for a getaway. Like the ancient ruins of Athens and Olympia, the white beaches and blue sea just invite you to take pictures and capture your memories forever.

But hold on a second. Don’t just travel without planning first, because you might return without your devices. Greece uses the southern European electricity system of 220 volts and 50 hertz, meaning you can’t simply plug your devices into the outlet and expect it to work. In fact, you’ll need both a plug adapter and a voltage converter, which ensures that your devices are safe when charging and plugged in.

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