In this article we will discus Voltage Converters and their Importance while you Travel. When you prepare for a trip, are you the sort to pack weeks in advance or are you more of a last-minute, “Crossing my fingers!” kind of traveler? Well, when you are just preparing for a small trip, maybe the off-the-cuff sort of packing will be fine, but what if you’re traveling to a different country? Every country has its own language, culture, currency, and—something that many people may forget or underestimate—voltage.

“So what?” you might be thinking, “I’m going to be staying in hotels throughout my stay. They will supply me whatever I need, won’t they?”

To be honest with you, they might not. It’s always better to be prepared. The same way you may pack an extra towel in case the hotel doesn’t provide you one (or you have to pay for one!), you should always bring the appropriate voltage converters for your destination.

In case we haven’t convinced you, here are a few items that will definitely need a voltage converter:

1. Hair straightness/ Blow Dryers/ Curling Irons

You may consider letting your hair rough it for your trip abroad. “What’s a week or two without my blow dryer? I’ll be fine!” Water in different countries are going to affect your hair in different ways. You might end up having a frizz-ball for hair on the top of your head and you’ll end up having to purchase a blow dryer. Whether or not you want to drop upwards of $15.00 or more on a hair dryer you won’t be able to bring back with you is your decision, but it could be easily prevented with a good voltage converter.

2. Computers/Cell Phones/ Other Electronics

Your entire trip could be ruined by a dead phone on a trip. What about your camera for any picture opportunity? What if you need to check your flight information for the way home and your computer is nothing but a heavy brick? You’ll definitely need a good voltage converter for these items.

3. Other electronic travel items (travel iron, steamer kettle)

It’s the small things we forget about. Sure we might be set with an extra battery or two for our phones, but what about your other things? What if you need to look particularly nice for an event during your trip and all you have are wrinkled clothes from their time spent in your cramped suitcase? Cut the worry out of travel so that you can focus on what’s really important: the trip itself.

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