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Voltage Converter without copper coils are DANGEROUS

First voltage converter is made with a non copper material and the other voltage converter is made from copper. If only made out of copper like all the converters at 110220volts.com.

(Zooms in to show working at office to paper weight. Hear typing a little and then the person get up and leave, after putting paper under it.)

At 110220Volts.com all our voltage converters or transformers are “true magnetic converters with copper coils.” They will hold up longer

Hey there. I used to be in a voltage converter, so the misses could use her coffee maker in a different country. But now I’m melted like cheese on a hamburger. I still remember the day. I was like la de da and then boom! Ouch ouch, hot hot. See my coil isn’t made of copper, because if it was, I would’ve last a longer

. Pretty much now I’m (show shot off picking up and putting paper under it, gets up) just a paper weight. It all started (flashback with dream music) when I was manufactured without a copper coil. hold up to the demands. They replaced me with this guy and he’s been working fine ever since. I just he didn’t melt under the pressure.

need help finding the correct voltage converter/transformer