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Voltage Converter – Why do you need them while traveling abroad?


When you travel overseas, you carry some of your electric gadgets with you like hair dryers, shavers, toothbrush, battery chargers, etc. But you might face difficulty in using these electric equipments without having a voltage converter with you. The voltage, with which, electric appliances work are different in different countries. Some countries use 110 volts while others use 220 volts. Voltage converter converts the voltage and prevents your electric gadgets from damage. With a voltage converter, you can easily adjust the voltage that comes from the power outlet to the voltage required by your equipment. This way, you will get to enjoy the complete functioning of your devices. Keep it in mind that there are two kinds of voltage converterStep up and Step Down converters. As the name suggests, the step up voltage converter will convert 110 voltage that comes from the power outlet into 220 voltage required by your equipment. While step down converters cuts down the 220 voltage supplied in the foreign country into 110 voltage suitable for your equipment. Hence, you will need to gather your equipment voltage and wattage information, as well as getting informed about what voltage its used in the country you are going to, before deciding which kind of voltage converter will be suitable for your needs. Once that you have done your homework, keep it in mind that for smaller gadgets like cell phones and iPods you will need converters with smaller wattage capacity. For larger gadgets like irons, hair dryers, etc., you will need converters with higher wattage capacities. So select what gadgets you are likely to carry with you, and check out their wattage ratings. The wattage ratings will be mentioned on the product label or can be found on the manual.