Voltage converters: Why do they need to be heavy?

Let’s say you have two voltage converters from two different companies, that are made to
handle the same amount of watts. In essence, they are supposed to be the same product,
but if one of these voltage converters was cheaper and feels lighter in weight, there is a
very simple reason. The lighter voltage converter is most likely made using a cheaper, weaker,
and economically inefficient metal in it’s coil. At 110220volts.com we only use the
best coils in our voltage converters, transformers, and regulators: heavy copper coils.

For example, a step-down transformer is used when you have an outlet that diffuses 220 volts,
but the electrical item you want to plug in uses only 110 volts of energy. In such a scenario, the
step-down transformer will control the energy down to the necessary output. There are numerous
processes involved, such as voltage controlling and distribution. In order for the voltage converter
to effectively manipulate the electrical energy, the right materials need to be utilized, most notably,
within the coil. As the temperature or thermal energy throughout the complete alteration procedure
occurs, the coil is counted on to waste the least amount of the total energy that is being manipulated.

For this to be possible, the best voltage converters, transformers, and regulators, like ours at
, use a coil made of copper. This copper coil is the reason the entire transformer
is and should be noticeably heavy. To add to that, since our transformers are manufactured with
multiple shielded pairs of copper wound around a core built of iron, copper proves even more essential with its
heat absorbing efficiency.

I know when I handled my first voltage converter, I instantly noticed the weight, and wondered
why they had to be so heavy. Although different winding metals including aluminum are used to
make the coils, heavy copper coils should always be the first choice. Using other metals will
significantly reduce the quality and effectiveness of the transformer. For example, Commonwealth
Edison, the largest electric utility in Illinois, would never think to use anything other than copper
in their transformers. Although the initial cost included to use copper is quite a lot, copper
transformers last much longer, waste less energy, increase efficiency, reduce the heat being
generated, and in the long run, saves you money.


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