Voltage Converter Transformers, what you should look for before you buy one

Why are voltage converters so heavy?

You’ve probably heard of voltage converters before. They’re a popular machine to decrease or increase voltage. They allow you to plug into an outlet that diffuses a different amount of volts than what your electronic item needs. So for example, with a “step-down voltage converter”, a product that uses only a mere 11 0 volts of energy can be used with an outlet that diffuses 220 volts. In this instance, the voltage converter reduces the electrical energy to the necessary and desired level your electronic item needs to work properly. Now, if you’ve had a chance to pick up one of these voltage converters, you’ve probably noticed that they’re pretty heavy. The reason behind this is because of a large coil, located inside the containing box.

The coil is made from winding metal around a core. While different winding metals such as aluminum or copper are used to make the coils, heavy copper coils should always be the first choice for voltage converters.

Let’s look at why this is!

During the alteration process, when your voltage converter is either bringing up or bringing down the electric energy, it’s very important that the transformers waste the least amount of energy.

This is where copper comes in. Using copper as the preferred winding metal helps the transformer to reach its peak efficiency. In addition, having the copper wind around a core built of iron, proves even more essential with its ability to absorb heat much more efficiently then any other material. This protects voltage converters from overheating. The copper wound iron core, though a bit on the heavy side, is the heart of the best voltage converters on the market and this is why all voltage converters sold at 110220volts.com are constructed with this time tested and proven method.

Although the initial cost included to use copper is more, you’ll save on long term operating costs. Copper simply will last longer and is more efficient than any other winding metal found in voltage converters. Why energy companies around the world depend on copper in their transformers–they wouldn’t think of using anything else, and you shouldn’t either.

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