Do I need a voltage transformer converter or a plug adapter?

QUES – When should I be buying a voltage transformer/converter or a plug adapter?

ANS – Today the world has come closer and people travel form one country to other often. They want to use their electric appliances like shavers, toothbrush, hair dryers, laptops, cameras in the places wherever they go. But the plug holes, plug sizes, plug holes and even the plug sockets are different in different countries. One cannot buy new products in each country. So they want to use something which will allow them to plug in their electrical devices in the sockets and use them. Here arises the need of plug adapters.


You need a Voltage Converter/Transformer if – You are traveling to a country that works with a different voltage than the country you are from, and you are taking personal electronic equipment with you, such as small appliances, computers and chargers. For example the U.S and Canada operates in 110 volts while most countries in South America work in 220 volts. If the voltage of the country you are going to is different, you should be looking into buying a voltage Converter/Transformer. Now to find out what is the converter/transformer most appropriate for your needs, you can use our Voltage Converter Help. Just answer four simple questions to find out what is the Converter/ transformer most suitable for you needs.
You need Plug Adapter if – Your dual voltage electronics (110-220 Volts), are made for traveling purposes and will work anywhere in the world, without the aid of a voltage converter. Just keep it in mind that power outlets in different countries then your own are different from each other, and that’s when the need for a plug adapter takes place. For Example, if you are in the U.S you will be using American two Flat pin plug adapters, and if you are in Brazil you will be using a two round pin plug. Find the right plug for you going to our adapter index by country.