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Spring is possibly the best time out of the year to travel. The weather isn’t likely to be too hot or too cold, no matter where you decide to travel, and the spring season is a time for interesting, enriching, and fun holidays and festivals all over the world.

Narrowing down the best countries to visit during spring to just a few options can be difficult—there are so many great destinations to choose—but we’ve decided to do just that, anyway. Read on to discover our picks for the best international vacation destinations for spring.


Spain is one of the most interesting countries in all of Western Europe. Thanks to the country’s rich, multicultural history and culture-spanning location near the Mediterranean Sea (over the course of its long history, Spain has been a colony of the ancient Roman Empire, a medieval monarchy under Christian kings and queens, and a part of the Muslim Ottoman Empire), Spanish culture and architecture is a heady mix of cultural influences.

While it can get incredibly warm during the summer, spring in Spain is much milder and enjoyable; in other words, it’s the perfect time to visit.


Morocco is one of the most underrated vacation destinations in the world. Not only is the country home to many friendly people and interesting sites, but it’s also incredibly tourist friendly; in particular, the “Red City” of Marrakesh is filled with markets, mosques, gardens, and plenty of comfortable hotels.

The Middle East can get plenty hot during certain times of the year, but spring in Morocco can be surprisingly mild. If there’s a perfect time of year to visit Morocco, it’s the springtime.


A trip to Chile in the spring gives you all the best parts of visiting South America (the delicious food, the beautiful landscapes, the local culture) without the downside that comes with other vacation destinations on the continent (the scorching summer heat and the overwhelming crowds of Rio and other popular cities). Best of all, Chile’s location on the coast means that there’s always a beach within short distance—and what beaches they are!


There are lots of good reasons to visit Japan, but our criteria for saying you should definitely visit during spring can be summed up in one word: sakura. For those who don’t know, sakura is the Japanese word for “cherry blossoms,” and spring time is when the country’s many beautiful cherry trees blossom. You’ve probably seen pictures of Japanese cherry trees in bloom, but that’s nothing compared to how stunning they are when you see them with your own two eyes.

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