Step Up and Down Voltage Converter and Transformers

voltage converter/transformer is a must have device if you are traveling between countries and need to take your electronic items with you. Electricity voltage varies from one country to another: some countries operate in 110-120 volts, while others operate in 220-240 volts. A voltage converter/transformer is used to convert the electricity voltage coming from the power outlet in the wall into the voltage your electronic item requires.

There are two types of voltage converters:
Step Down and Step Up. A Step Down Converter/Transformer will convert a 220 voltage input
(the electricity coming from your power outlet) into a 110 voltage
output, which will enter into your electronic item. The Step Up Converter/Transformer will convert a 110 voltage input into a 220 voltage output. Countries such as the United States, Mexico, and Canada use 110-120 voltage as their power supply, while countries such as India, China, and most European countries use 220-240 voltage.
It is necessary to determine the voltage requirements of the country you are visiting in order to know whether you need a Step Down or a Step Up Voltage Converter/Transformer .

After you have determined whether you need a Step Down or a Step Up Converter/Transfer, there are three things you should ask yourself to finalize your decision:

1. What type of electronic equipment am I using?
2. Am I going to be using it for extended periods of time?
3. What is the wattage or amperage the electronic item needs to operate?

There are two types of Step Down and Step Up
Converters/Transformers on the market: Light Weight and Continuous Use
Voltage Converters.

A variety of Light Weight Travel Converters are offered on
the market for electronic items that can handle small wattages or amperages and for electronic items that can handle up to 2000 watts. Please note that these converters are developed for traveling purposes only; as such, they cannot be used for extended periods of time. In addition, they are not recommended for motorized equipment like fans and kitchen appliances. Light weight travel converters are usually used with coil heating equipments such as hair dryers and curling irons and for charging electronic equipment such as cameras and cell phones.

A variety of Continuous Use Voltage Converters are also available on the market. Different electronic items can handle 100 watts up to 20,000 watts. These transformers are made for continuous use and are safe on motorized equipment. These units are usually bigger and heavier than light weight converters/transformers.

If you need further assistance in determining which converter/transformer is right for you, please visit our Voltage Converter Help Page and answer the four questions
provided. The answers you supply will guide you to the products available to best meet your needs.