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If you are a computer geek and you can’t live without your laptop, you will need these essential gadgets to keep you connected, productive, organized and entertained on your next travel. So, prepare your tech travel kit and… don’t forget your passport!


  • Electrical converters and adapters

If you are travelling overseas, you will need a voltage converter, considering that the United States and Canada operate on 110V to 120v electric current, whereas most countries in the world run on 220V, 230V and even as high as 240V.

Not all gadgets require a voltage converter, though—you may be able to get by with just a simple plug adapter. A plug adapter (like the ones shown above) will allow you to use your device without the need to convert electricity, but the charger has to be rated at both voltages.

  • Headphones

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Either you want to listen to some music or watch a movie without bothering your airplane’s seat mates, headphones are a must included in your list of “travel gadgets”.

  • Carrying case

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You spent a lot to buy your little “kid” and probably you have a lot other “treasures” inside so you have to take care of it. A sturdy, padded carrying case can save you a lot of aggravation and even more money.

  • Wireless mouse

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There is a huge variety of this kind out there so you will not have a problem picking one that is Bluetooth and you will eliminate one extra cable to deal with. Doing this, you will make long-term work on a laptop more comfortable.

  • Ethernet cable

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Some hotels require you to plug into their high-speed Internet connection using an Ethernet cable. We recommend bringing your own cable just in case, as the hotel may or may not able to supply one for you.