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Voltage converters and voltage transformers change electric current from 220/240 Volt (Foreign Electricity) to 110/120 Volt (U.S. Electricity) which is called step down. There are step up voltage converters that change 110/120 Volt (U.S. Electricity) to 220/240 Volt (Foreign Electricity) and Voltage regulator converters that can Step up and Step Down which are 10-220 volts 50/60 HZ for use anywhere!

Voltage Converters & Power Transformers

American 110 Volts Step up to American 220 Volts Power Tap for USA-CANADA Use
Deluxe Automatic Voltage Regulator, Step Up & Down Voltage Converter Transformer (CE Approved)
Japan Step Up and Step Down Converter - Transformer
Light Weight Compact Unit - Step Up & Down Converter - Transformer
Power Inverters
Rack-mountable Step-Down Transformer
Step Down Voltage Converter - Transformer
Step Up & Down Voltage Converter - Transformer
Step Up & Down Voltage Converter - Transformer with Meter
Step Up & Down Voltage Regulator Converter - Transformer
Travel Converters
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS - 220 Volt Power Battery Backup System)
Step Up - Down Voltage Converter Transformer
Voltage Converter Transformer For Electronic Items
Voltage Converter Transformer For Household Appliances

need help finding the correct voltage converter/transformer

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need help finding the correct voltage converter/transformer

Voltage Converters & Power Transformers

North America operates on 110V electric current, whereas most countries in the world run on 220V and even as high as 240V . So if you wish to use your U.S. or Canadian 110V items overseas, your appliances will require a voltage transformer or voltage converter, sometimes called a power transformer.

Voltage converters and voltage transformers are the same concept: they will turn the power of 110 volts into 220 volts, or 220 volts into 110 volts. Even if this will allow you to use your electrical equipment in almost every country in the world, plug adapters may be needed too, considering that plug outlets vary from country to country.

Most items, such as hair dryers, electric shavers, irons, coffee makers, TVs, VCRs, or DVD players, require 110-220 high power electricity to operate; unfortunately, the power voltage available is not always what's needed. The problem here is that plugging in the device as-is can lead to power failure, motor burn-out, or even more serious damage to you or the socket.

In this case, you will need either a 110 / 120V to 220 / 230 / 240V voltage converter, or voltage transformer; or otherwise a 220 / 230 / 240V to 110 / 120V voltage converter, or voltage transformer.

Converters and transformers change electric current: Converters are designed to work only with electric appliances (for example: hot pots and hair dryers). Transformers are designed to work with electronic items that have a chip or a circuit (for example: camcorder chargers, radios and electric appliances). Have you ever noticed how your laptop can charge your cell phone but your blender canít? Thatís the basic idea.

Voltage converters and voltage transformers are available in different wattage combinations: converters are available from 50 to 1600 watts. Transformers are available from 1 to 100 watts, 200 watts, even 300 watts and stronger. Your transformer will either step up and down the power (change 110 / 240 volt electricity into 240 / 110 volts) or or simply step it down (change 220 volts to 110 volts) so you can safely run your appliance. It will cause your device to run at the speed that it was designed to, and give you the safety and comfort of your familiar appliances no matter where you are in the world.

And thereís no harm in going above what you need: you should know that you will never damage your appliance if you use a higher wattage transformer. The danger lies in buying a transformer that isnít powerful enoughóit could damage your items or simply not work. Itís better to be safe than sorry, so donít just get the exact minimum that you need to power your device. Instead aim to have about a 25% higher wattage than necessary.

Some popular brand names for voltage converters (Voltage Transformer) and adapters include Regvolt, Seven Star, Simran, Franzus, Tripplite, and Travelsmart. Feel free to explore our pages for even more help and advice, and browse our selection today to find the power transformer or converter thatís right for you!

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