Finding the correct voltage converter transformers for your electronic and electric items that cansume 200 watts or less

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What you need to know about selecting voltage converters

When traveling overseas you should be asking yourself the following:
How do I select the correct voltage converter/transformer for my equipment? ( Step down or step up) How many watts/amps do I need for my converter to work with the equipment I have? Should I purchase a voltage converter/transformer that is more powerful than my equipment?If so, how much more power (watts/amps) should my converter be able to handle? Because these questions should be on your mind when planing a trip overseas, 110220 volts has created a tool that will help you answer these questions. Go to our Voltage Converter Help page answer a simple 4 question questionnaire about your equipment, and get a list of what are the voltage converter/transformers that will work for your specific needs.

In this case, the converters selected above are suited for 110-120 Volts electronic Items such as: TVs, DVDs, VCR s, Radios,and lights,with wattage consumption varying between 0-100 watts, that are going to be used in a country with power supply of 220-240 Volts.

Other items that may also fall in this category are Laptops, phone chargers,small kitchen appliances,and some personal items such as shavers and curling irons. Note that knowing the power consumption of you equipment it’s a very important step in determining what it’s the right voltage converter/transformer for you specific needs. Please use our Voltage Converter Help page to find the answers to your specific case.

Note: voltage converters should NEVER be used at 100% capacity. Please make sure to calculate a 30% slack for you converter to work with for non-motorized equipment, and 100% slack for motorized equipment. Example: a laptop (non-motorized equipment) that consumes 70 watts to work needs a 100 watt converter/transformer (30% Slack). While a small shaver (motorized) that consumes 50 watts also needs a 100 watt converter.transformer(100% slack) to be able to operate properly.