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Outlet Plug Type L, Outlets, Voltage, Plug Type L, CEI 23-16-VII 10/16 A / 250 V

Type L Power Outlet

Countries the use Type L Plug and outlet

Type L Plug Adapter and power Outlet description

The Type L plugs contain 3 round, aligned prongs and can be rated for 10 or 16A. Type L Wall outlets contain the 3 rounded aligned receptacles, and are slightly different for 10 or 16A rated plugs.

Type L
Canary Islands, Chile, Ethiopia, Italy, Libya, Madagascar, Maldives, Syria, Uruguay

Type L Plugs and plug adapters

  • Type L plugs have similar design to type E and C plugs, except the fact that the rounded,grounding pin it's located precisely in the middle of the live and neutral connectors
  • Our type L plug adapters are rated for 10 Amps/ 250 volts and will not fir into a 16 A socket
  • Although this plug contains markings for neutral and ground, Type L plugs are non-polarized and can be inserted either way into the power socket.

Plug Adapters for Type L, CEI 23-16-VII 10/16 A / 250 V

Type L Power outlet

  • Type K wall outlets are composed of 3 receptacles: 3 round, perfectly aligned holes with the same diameter.
  • The "European friendly" design, permit this outlet to be used with type C,E,F plugs (some exceptions may apply)
  • The power outlets displayed bellow are categorized universal. They should accept almost all different types of plugs and plug adapters including Type L. Be aware that these outlets are rated for 10 A and can not accept the 16 A version of the Type L plug.

Outlets for Type L

Type L Power cords

  • Permits the plug-in of electronic items into a Type L power outlet
  • Rated for 10A / 250 Volts, can be used on Computers and monitors that contain a detacheable power cord.
  • Important : Power cords are an alternative for plug adapters, and do not convert electricity. Check the power requirements of your equipment.

Power cord for Type L

TYPE L plugs and outlets

(Standard plug in Italy) TYPE L plugs and outlets

CEI 23-16/VII it's the technical denomination for type L plugs and power outlets. Almost exclusively utilized in Italy, this plug come and two ratings 10 and 16 amps (for larger applications), and have different prong diameter and spacing to avoiding the plug in of a 16 A plug into a 10 A socket.Although very similar to type E plugs, Type L plugs can only exclusively fit to type L sockets due to the position of it's grounding pin.

Type L sockets on the other hand are more flexible and can accept type C, E , F and L plugs most of the time. Note that grounding with plugs other than type L it's not applicable in type L sockets. Please be aware that the universal power outlets depicted above are rated for 10 A max. capacity and although a 16 A rated plug might fit into this outlet, it's not recommended in 16 A applications.

Other scattered countries where type L plugs and sockets may be found include: Canary Islands, Chile, Ethiopia, Libya, Maldives, Syria and Uruguay