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Outlet Plug Type K, Outlets, Voltage, Plug Type K, Danish 10 A / 250 V

Type K Power Outlet

Countries the use Type K Plug and outlet

Type K Plug Adapter and power Outlet description

The Type K plug it's designed with 2 round shaped prongs and semi circle shaped ground pin. Type K power outlets contain 2 round and 1 semi circle receptacle. Due to the similarity of the plugs, Type K sockets can also except Type C, E and F plugs and plug adapters.

Type K
Denmark, Faeroe Islands, Greenland, Guinea, Maldives, St. Vincent, Senegal

Type K Plugs and plug adapters

  • Type K plugs are similar to type E plugs, with the exception of the grounding, which is present on the plug not on the power outlet like type E
  • Type K plugs are technically know as ASFNIT 107-2-D1, it's a grounded plug, rated for 10 Amps / 250 Volts.
  • Designed by Danish standards, this plug it's also found in Greenland and Maldives

Plug Adapters for Type K, Danish 10 A / 250 V

Type K Power outlet

  • Type K wall outlets are composed of 3 receptacles: 2 round for live and neutral, similar to type E, and a semi circle receptacle for the likewise shaped ground pin.
  • Due to it's very "European friendly" shape, these outlets can be use with type C,E,F and K plugs
  • The power outlets displayed bellow are universal,that means it will accept almost all different types of plugs and plug adapters including Type K

Outlets for Type K

Type J Power cords

  • Permits the plug-in of electronic items into a Type K power outlet
  • Rated for 10A / 250 Volts, can be used on Computers and monitors that contain a detacheable power cord.
  • Remember: Power cords are an alternative for plug adapters, and do not convert electricity.

Type K Power outlet


TYPE K plugs and outlets

(Denmark Style also used in Greenland) TYPE K plugs and outlets

Standard in Denmark and Greenland, Type K plugs have 2 round prongs similar to the "europlug", but a different style of grounding which includes a semi circle shaped pin. Also denominated as AFSNIT 107-2-D1, this plug style it's also adopted in some parts of, Faeroe Islands, Guinea, Maldives, St. Vincent and Senegal.

Type K wall outlet are type K,C,E and F friendly. Note that although this outlet can accept these different style plugs, grounding connection it's not possible with plugs other than K, due to the style of the grounding connection. Therefore, plug-in of appliances that require grounding connection that contain plugs any other than K style it's not advised.

The utilization of French (Type E) plugs it's very common in Denmark, so with that in mind, the Denmark government has authorized the installation of Type E outlets as well as the type K.