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Outlet Plug Type J, Outlets, Voltage, Plug Type J, SEV 1011 Swiss 10 A / 250 V, Switzerland plug

Type J Power Outlet

Countries the use Type J Plug and outlet

Type J Plug Adapter and power Outlet description

The Type J plugs and plug adapters have the same feature of the type C plug, with the addition of a 3rd round pins that acts as ground centered at 5mm. Type J wall outlets are designed to receive both type J and C plugs.

Type J
Ethiopia, Liechtenstein, Madagascar, Jordan, Maldives, Rwanda, Switzerland,Brazil

Type J Plugs and plug adapters

  • Type J plugs are similar to type C plugs, with the addition of 3rd prong utilized as ground.
  • Also known as SEV 1011 (Swiss 10 Amp/250 Volts)
  • Designed in switzerlad, this style plug can also be found with slight differences in Jordan, Maldives, Rwanda and Brazil

Plug Adapters for Type J, SEV 1011 Swiss 10 A / 250 V, Switzerland plug


Type J Power outlet

  • Swiss style type J sockets accept Type J or Type C plugs
  • Most wall outlets Type J are recessed, accepting only hexagonal shaped plugs
  • The power outlets displayed bellow are universal, which means it will accept several different types of plugs including Type J

Outlets for Type J

Type J Power cords

  • Permits the plug-in of electronic items into a Type J power outlet
  • Rated for 10A / 250 Volts, can be used on Computers and monitors with a detacheable power cord.
  • Remember : Power cords are an alternative for plug adapters, and do not convert electricity.

Power cord for Type J


TYPE J plugs and outlets

TYPE J plugs and outlets
(Used in very few countries such as Switzerland and Liechtenstein)

SEV 1011 (ASE1011/1959 SW10A-R) It's the plug style and matching socket utilized as the standard in Switzerland.The only difference it's the addition of a 3rd grounding prong.Type J plugs and plug adapters are rated 10 A /250 V.

Type J sockets are recessed, with 3 round receptacles, live, neutral and ground. For convenience of the European travelers, the type J plugs are very similar to the type C plugs (with the exception of the ground pin) which allows type C plugs to be utilized in Type J sockets.

Type J plugs and outlets are used in very few countries like,Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Madagascar, Jordan, Maldives, Rwanda,Brazil and Ethiopia. Slight variants in the plugs and the power outlets in each one might be found.