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Outlet Plug Type, Outlets, Voltage, Plug Type H, SI 32 Israeli 16 A/250 V

Type H Power Outlet

Countries Using Type H Electric Plug

Type H Plug Adapter and power Outlet description

The Type H plugs are compose of 3 thick blades arranged in a Y shape. Type H sockets are usually designed to accept type H and type C plugs

Type H
Israel, Gaza

Type H Plugs and plug adapters

  • The Type H plugs can only be found in Israel and parts of Gaza and it's also know as SI 32 (Israeli 16 mps/250V grounded)
  • Consists of 3 pins (Live, neutral, ground) arranged in a Y shape
  • Another version of this plug with 3 round, 4 mm pins also arranged in the Y shape it's also found in Israel, both versions are accepted by Israeli outlets
  • Type H plugs are incompatible with all other types of power outlets

Plug Adapters for Type H, SI 32 Israeli 16 A/250 V

Type H Power outlet

  • Type H power outlets have 3 oval receptacles arranged in a Y position
  • Type H outlets are designed that way to accept the 2 versions of the Israeli outlet, and also Type C plugs, used in non-grounded appliances
  • The power outlets displayed bellow are universal, which means it will accept several different types of plugs including Type H

Outlets for Type H


TYPE H plugs and outlets

(used exclusively in Israel) TYPE H plugs and outlets

Type H plugs and plug adapters have a very exclusive designed with 3 blades arranged in the shape of the letter Y, where the 2 top prongs serve as live and neutral and the bottom vertical prong it's used as ground. Israel also works with a similar version of this plug where the prongs are arranged in the same position, but instead of flat blades, these plugs present round 4mm thick prongs. This version it's usually seen being used with major appliances. Both versions of this plug are 16 Amps/250 volts grounded.

Type H wall outles are designed with 3 oval shaped receptacles arranged in Y shape, designated to accept both versions of the type H plug and also type C plugs that are still used in Israel in some non-grounded appliances.Both plugs and outlet are tecnically called SI 32, approved by israeli standards.

Some regions of The gaza strip also present Type H plugs and outlets as one of the many plug styles found there.