What Are The Different Types of Voltage Converters?

What are the different types of voltage converters transformers?

[show drawing saying the title] A voltage converter or transformer is an electrical device that takes the electricity from the wall outlet and increases or decreases the energy so you can use electrical equipment in a different country. At 110220volts.com, we offer three different kinds of voltage converters. [camera panning to show all three] Step Down, Step Up and Down, and Deluxe voltage regulator converters. Step down voltage converters are for electrical equipment that use 110 volts to operate. [show drawing of a picture of an stereo, voltage converter, and outlet, drawing an arrow from 220 to 110] This voltage converter will decrease 220 volts electricity to 110 volts electricity. Such as if you want to use your 110 US/Canadian/Mexican equipment in any other foreign country, like Italy or Australia where electricity is 220 volts. [show similar drawing for step up]

The Step up voltage converter does just the opposite, converting a 110 volts power source, to 220 volts, so you can use your overseas equipment in the US or Canada . [different countries, highlight where your coming from to the US and Canada being highlighted)

The Deluxe Voltage regulator converter is a combination of both the step down and step up converters, with added features. [add bulleted list] It is made to convert the electricity to 110 or 220 volt so your equipment can work properly. In addition, deluxe voltage regulator converters will regulate the electricity at the same time, which means your equipment will receive pure and stable electricity at all times without receiving any deviations or fluctuations to protect your equipment. They also have a surge protector, fuses, and/or their own built in circuit breakers. For your convenience there is an input and output meter display in the front to show how much load is on the transformer.

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