Finding a voltage converter: It’s no longer a hassle!

We all know that it can be confusing finding the correct type of voltage converter to use equipment overseas. Some people can get really frustrated and lost with the Watts/amps conversions and voltage converter capacity calculations- especially if we are talking about an overseas move with all your household items.

Being in the business for over 10 years, 110220volts had time to get familiar with all the difficulties customers face while trying to find a voltage converter. Different attempts to help our customers have been made over the years with the creation of the “voltage help tool”, “Voltage converter buying guide”, “Amps calculator”, and “Voltage converter buying chart”, as well as organization strategies such as separating the voltage converters on our website by type and feature similarities. Even with these website tools however, volumes of calls kept asking “what is the best voltage converter for my appliance?” or “what do I need to use my kitchen appliance overseas?”.

Based on this difficulty, we have finally found a way to make the purchase of a voltage converter easy. It is our 5-star voltage converter series. It is carefully thought out and designed to sell converters based on the type of equipment you are trying to use. That way all you have to do is add the product to the online basket and we will do the rest. No more research and headache needs to be involved into picking the voltage converter that will work with each specific appliance. Now it is as easy as going to our 5-star voltage converter category, locating the item you want to buy a voltage converter for, and adding it to the basket!

We also back up all 5-star converter sales by our specialty item guarantee. That means that the unit will work with any size or brand equipment for that category. Let’s say you are looking for a voltage converter for your TV. In this case , the TV-5STAR voltage converter will work with any TV type ( LED, LCD, Plasma, DLP, etc) and ANY size TV (15,19, 22,32,42,43,47,52,56,60 even 70″!). We will make sure you will not have any problems with your converter, by visually inspecting and testing each unit before dispatching, and by offering a special 45 days exchange policy free of charge. We want your purchase to be easy and we want you to be satisfied, so with a 5STAR converter we are not just selling a voltage converter transformer, we are selling piece of mind.

Please visit our “Voltage converter for Electronic items” and “Voltage converter for Household appliances” to get familiar with a completely new and easy way of buying the perfect voltage converter transformer for you specific needs.