Want to know more about the voltage converters and transformers

QUES – Please take me to the FAQ section on your website. I want to know more about the voltage converters and voltage transformers.

ANS – Below are some of the FAQs on voltage converters and voltage transformers –

      1. I want to use my TV in other country, what kind of voltage converter I will need to buy?

To know the answer for this question, it is very important to know the watt capacity of your TV. Please check the watt capacity of your TV. It will be written at the back side of the TV or you will definitely find it in the TV manual. You have to choose a voltage converter or voltage transformer that has more wattage capacity than the actual requirement of your TV.


A voltage converter works like a voltage converter as well as a voltage stabilizer. A Voltage converter converts the voltage while a voltage stabilizer will stabilize the voltage. That means voltage stabilizer will ensure that the voltage supply remains fixed.


The shipping cost depends on where the product has to be delivered. You can follow a simple procedure to know the shipping cost to your destination. Just check the product and chose it if you like it. Check out the product details and enter the details asked. You will get to see a confirmation page. On this page the shipping cost will be mentioned. If you are accepting the shipping cost, then submit your order by giving credit card details.


For choosing the right voltage transformer, first find out the watt capacity of your product. You have to choose a voltage transformer in such a way that it has more watt capacity than what your product requires. Voltage transformers are more durable than the voltage converters but are costlier too.